About This Journal

I’ve kept a Tour Journal on my website since 1996, using text and photos to tell the story. In 2000 I tried the first Video Tour Journals, “AK2K”, 3 minute shorts I did on the road. But the internet wasn’t ready for video, yet, and I couldn’t find a host. So I kept on with an annual Tour Journal in text and pictures, part of an extensive website about my music, instrument, the life of a Folksinger and some about me. To find out the rest of the story of how I got to this point, there’s a link on the side bar to the old Tour Journals, text and video, and  links to the main menu and submenus of the website at the top right .

Right now, I’ll try to explain what you’ll find here.

This Journal has three purposes:

It is restarting the vision I had back in 1998, a Video Tour Journal using the internet to create a “window on my world”, where anyone on the internet could look through and share the scenes that I live, and I live through some interesting scenes! I can’t hope to capture it all, but it will show so much more than I can hope to tell with just words and pictures. My life is so much about scenes, that happen fast and are often hard to describe. I have had so many amazing scenes, and words can’t capture them.  I have shot video, as well as kept journals, and taken photos, all my life. I know I can’t hope to capture it all, but even a few scenes will be worth it. The principle of a journal, just documenting the life rather than trying tell the whole story somehow, is a process that eventually should capture some of the incredible scenes, somewhere along the way.

I’m using this Journal page to consolidate all the current information in one spot. The sidebar contains three boxes. One for “What’s News”, where I’ll posted short messages with links if needed, from a single item to notices of new performance dates. The next box lists and links to any page I update or add in the main website. The final window lists individually by date, type, and title, all the videos included with each Journal or uploaded and available separately. You can scroll down the windows to see months of previous new material, and when it was uploaded. These windows are separate from the WordPress system, but make this page more broadly useful for finding all the current information, while the links to the main site will let you find more information on anything mentioned in a journals.

Finally, This is the pipeline for presenting all my content. Because it will have the scenes and stories behind whatever I produce, whatever it is and whenever I produce it, it allows me to introduce anything new, and how to get it. It could be videos or audio tracks I include along with the journals or I add them to the appropriate sections of the website at the same time. It could be commercially available CDs or tracks, or videos available from digital media services or from me directly. When I finally have dulcimers or pickups for sale, that will be a story in these Journals. Between the journal and the update boxes, anything I produce will be presented and listed as it is released.

I’m planning to continue text-based Journals as well, though I’m not sure how it will be integrated here, perhaps as simply as writing a text journal to include with the video journal. Video has its strengths and weaknesses, as has writing. I think it is best to let them each follow their own course, as two different perspectives on the life, rather than try an tell the same excact story and scenes in both mediums. We shall see, everything is a work in progress!

The Main website will continue to hold most of the permanent information, while this page replaces the old Tour Journal pages, and will be a single page to announce anything new. The WordPress system allows you to subscribe to it, and add comments, and it has many potential enhancements I could add, if they seem useful. The purpose is to serve your needs and interest, so feel free to let me know if there is anything you can suggest to improve any aspect of this.



Brian the Folksinger