AK2K: The Alaska 2000 Video Tour Journals

AK2K Playlist on Youtube"AK2K: The 2000 Tour Journals"

The Youtube Playlist, Introduction, Episodes, and associated performance videos
Alaska to Missoula Montana and Seattle, Washington.

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The Main Website's directory to the AK2K Episodes with liks to background pages on individual episodes, the entire tour, and the how and why behind the first Video Tour Journals.


Video and audio recording set up at coffeehouse

These are the original video tour journals I made for the web back in 2000, using the first generation of professional digital video camera and computer hardware and software. I never finished or continued the series, but completed 18 episodes and an introduction before I stopped. It took me years to get them on-line, finally. They still represent a remarkable documentary of the life of a folksinger, at a time when I was in my stride, performing, jamming, vounteering at schools and senior centers, living the life. They were my first effort as well, and despite the inconsistancies, were a remarkable achievement for the time, and for doing them on the road.

They definitely deserve a place within the larger body of work I am creating here. They also are important because, no matter what happens, I won’t be going back. I have tried to re-start the tour journals, though not with so much success, partially because, well, I am not touring right now, I am living a different life, and so I make studio journals, instead.

When they were done, webjournals like this didn’t exist, though I had a tour journal as part of my website, it was an annual or occassionally bi-annual telling of the story of the year, all text and small pictures, black text on eye-soft blue background, designed for easy downloads on a low-speed web. This webjournal the new model, as well as this whole updated website. In 2000, though, I made all the background information into a special section of the website, explaining both how and why I made the journals, and then creating a directoryu of the web journals themselves, with individual pages for the background story behind each episode.

Which means I don’t have to do that here! I have made a shot at updatng the various pages involved, something I have done several times at various times over the past decade. But for the most part, they remain what they were at the time, as they should.

What I want to add here is what is part of this time, my thoughts and feeling as I go through this, since this page is part of the new journal. How I can compare these tour journals to the most recent ones from last summer in Alaska, seeing how much has changed. I think of the strange convoluted story of how the tour journals finally are presented here, complete, a decade after their making, and all the chnages that have gone on. It is a simple monument to how much went wrong this last decade, how many things that got in the way. Then, I was way ahead of the curve with both video and the internet. I had such enthusiasm and great expectations, such plans.

So it goes.

performing with the Tok Highschool chorus

But it also reminds me what a good idea it was, and still is, though I have yet to reach much of an audience with it. But that is literature, and documentary. I have created something that doesn’t have to be current to be relevant. And part of this story I am telling is about a life, and that means different times, different chapters. This is just one effort in that work. Though I had to stop the tour journal, I did decide to continue the effort and documenting everything that I could, gathering raw footage, that I can still produce from. If I can find the time, I could theoretically continue the journal till it spanned the last decade, more or less. Or at least, produce something from the footage, or someone else could. I recognized and did the most important thing, capture the scenes as they happened, since they will never come again. In a strange way, that echoes the reason that pushed me into investing in the camera and video producton gear in the first place. I made the trip to Belize in Further, and realized afterwards that I could never recreate that journey, or share it, but if I had the video camera, I would have captured some part of it, documented that story. Though I never looked at it as a big deal, I realize I never do, and have a hard time realizing what this life I live might look like to someone else, I have become so used to my routine extremes, what is normal to me is the adventure of a lifetime to others. I thnk just as significant is that I am not trying to have adventures, not seeking out danger or thrills. I am just quietly going about my life as a folksinger, doing what is right, playing for the people I meet. Mostly, it isn’t such a big deal. Yet I also know, absolutely, that I have achieved something in this life, in the scenes and stories, of incredible, magic and beauty, deeply spiritual, mystical, that terrible beauty that has fascinated and held me in its spell, despite everything.

I am not sure I can explain, though I keep trying.

Perhaps that is the simplest explaination and description of what these tour journals are about, what this whole website is about, as well. By openning up a window on this life, these few captured scenes, perhaps I can begin to share these experiences I can’t really explain. So bt sharing these experiences, even what I can’t explain, perhaps you might begin to understand.

Isn’t that what I have said about the music? That I sing because people listen. And if they listen, perhaps they will hear. And if they hear, perhaps they will see.

spacerthe dulcimer and the rainbow

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