A Gypsy Lullabye: Live at The Soundry

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Recorded Live at The Soundry’s open mike in Vienna, Virginia, USA on November 9, 2010

This is a more recent original. You can find a version I did in Florida a year ago where I perform on guitar and voice, then added a flute track later in the studio. It is still evolving as I develop the dulcimer part. As always, I am improvising as I go, but developing themes in my playing that may eventually become regular. I haven’t played in a while, I haven’t played this song in longer, so there is both a roughness and a freshness to this performance. The camera is starting to wear out, so I am geting dropouts in the audio that I try to patch over. But this is not meant to be some perfect video, but just a snapshot of the life, where I perform a song so many times, and it is always evolving and changing. And real life isn’t perfect. This is late at night as an open mike, jamming out a few tunes quick for folks. They liked it.

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