Instrumental Demos: Reggae Jam

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Reggae Jam

Demonstration, 3 min 1 sec, 11.9 MB Flash Video

smaller screen version available on You Tube

This is one of a series of fourteen electric hammered dulcimer demonstration videos, described in detail in
"Instrumental Demonstrations: Sounds and Rhythm Styles".

This continues the second part of the series where I stop giving examples of sounds and rhythms and demonstrate how it all comes together for a song. That is part of demonstrating what the dulcimer can do as well. I took a few simple chords and a reggae beat and jammed on it for a while. This is what I actually use for several songs. The chords don’t matter, the point is to show how I actually can combine several different beats into one song. As I tell people, because the dulcimer is a percussion instrument, my improvisation comes out in the beats rather than as melodies. Reggae is a good example for this, with its syncopation and poly-rhythmic roots. Like in the Syncopated Rhythms video, you might try playing the backbeat yourself, to make the beats I am playing come together as they would if I was playing with some percussson.

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