Black Felt: Em-D Jam

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E minor – D major Jam

Demonstration, 2 min 39 sec, 8.5 MB Flash Video

smaller screen version available on You Tube

This is one of a series of fourteen electric hammered dulcimer demonstration videos, described in detail in
"Instrumental Demonstrations: Sounds and Rhythm Styles".

This is the second example using the black felt. While not a specific song, this pattern of E minor to D major, a modal progression, is common to many songs, especially traditional. In my performance videos you could look at Scarborough Fair, which is also used in the "Rhythms for Playing Ballads$quot; video, or "The Ship The Daimond", a maritime traditional. Modern examples would be "Nights In White Satin" and many others.

Though I won’t get into it here, it also shows how the natural structure of the dulcimer directly manifests the natural physics of music, and is reflected in the music that evolved on it and from it when it was the primary instrument. In revealing the foundations of musical patterns, modal and harmonic and diatonic, even defining the twelve tones, it effected all the music and instruments that came from it and after it.

It also demonstrates that the felt effect isn’t just for melodic ballads, but can be used with driving rhythms as well. An effect is just an effect, to be used to add a certain character to any song. This series is giving you a taste of the musical pallete of the dulcimer, and this is part of it. This series is not a demonstration of songs, but of some of what is available to create songs from.

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