Black Felt: Beautiful To Me

Music video link
She'll Always Be Beautiful To Me

Original, Instrumental, Demonstration, 2 min 14 sec, 7.2 MB Flash Video

smaller screen version available on You Tube

This is one of a series of fourteen electric hammered dulcimer demonstration videos, described in detail in
"Instrumental Demonstrations: Sounds and Rhythm Styles".

In the natural progression of this series, I use a real song for an example, choosing "She’ll Always Be Beautiful To Me" for the third time, for simple comparison to other versions, and because it is a good example of one type of playing style, a fluid and melodic composition.

I also use my heavier black felt this time. The effect is more pronounced, and demonstrates the use of a visual effect again, like the original use of the studio lighting. Visual effect is also the reason I wrap the heads of the hammers in white tape when I pad them, instead of black tape, so they stand out and add both a simple visual effect, and also a visual reference to the music for the audience. Especially in video, everything disappears except my hands and the heads of hammers. I’m throwng a small bright blue spotlight across from my left just to illuminate the hammer heads, you can see it reflected in the edge of the left pickup. The effect is not an accident.

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