Wild Mountain Thyme: Live in the Plaza

Wild Mountain Thyme videoWild Mountain Thyme
Street Performance, 3 min 14 sec, 27.9 MB, Flash Video
In the Plaza, St Augustine, Florida, 5-2009
small-screen version available on YouTube

A traditional Scottish ballad, one of my favorites. I hadn't done it in a while, but it came up at a song-along I attended and I fell in love with it all over again, funny how that works. It has all I love about these ballads, the poetry of the words, the beautiful melodies that are so much at the root of modern songs, and the older beats, cadences that are somewhat lost these days of simple basic beats. I used to play it finger-style on guitar, and was playing guitar for the sing along as well, since the dulcimer is loud and distracting, and hard to follow if you are not used to it. But as with many of the poetic celtic ballads, I create a sweeping dulcimer part that can borrow from the liquid rippling poetry of the words, and still emphasize the deep cadences.

It is also just that this song reaches something in me right now, as I walk this lonely road, full of longing for the love I have not found. In the song, I am able to express the love I have to give, I think, when I have no one to give it to in my real life. That is the role a song often plays, serving as a release for frustrated energy within my heart and soul.

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