Think Of Me: Live in the Plaza

Think of Me videoThink of Me
Street Performance, Original, 3 min 28 sec, 32.6 MB, Flash Video
In the Plaza, St Augustine, Florida, 5-2009
small-screen version available on YouTube

I wrote this one while driving north on I-95 one Spring. I was laving Florida and the boat behind, but that world was still strong in me. It is the world of island people, both the life and the music. Like many songs, it came to me out of nowhere, and I scribbled it on a napkin on the tray next to me as I drove north, and sang it as I drove, so I couldn’t forget it. Also like many songs, it isn’t a personal story, but some reflection of the life I have shared with so many people, reflecting many people’s lives, not just my own. That is the way with many songs, where somehow you are writing someone else’s story, not specifically real, but distilling the reality of many stories into a simple song. I'm not trying to wrestles with deep philosophical concepts or inner feelings, but simple truths of life for so many who have to travel far from those they love to work, but it is still they who you are working for, who you are thinking and dreaming of, and all you can hold to is that they are dreaming of you.

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