The Electric Hammered Dulcimer – full length

The Electric Hammered Dulcimer videoThe Electric Hammered Dulcimer
E-Dulci, 9 min 45 sec, 73.7 MB, Flash Video file
small-screen version available on YouTube

This is the full length version of a video introduction to the 5 octave solid-body electric hammered dulcimer. I starts with a brief general world history of dulcimer, then tells the three main things I did with the traditional instrument, culminating in my present electric hammered dulcimer. In this, it is not specifically describing the electric in detail. This is really a highly compressed version of the full story of my journey with the hammered dulcimer, available on my website, and focuses more on visual demonstration than covering the entire story in detail. The video finishes with a 45 minute performance of part of an original folk-alt-rock song.

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