The Electric Hammered Dulcimer – 1st cut

The Electric Hammered DulcimerThe Electric Hammered Dulcimer Video - first cutting
7 min 26 sec, 56.2 MB, Flash Video file
smaller version available on YouTube

This is the first cutting of the dulcimer video. Afetr making the fist version, I thought it might be too long for promotional purposes, and decided I’d have to try and cut it down. This is the first stage, reducing it to about 7.5 minutes by removing the section on the history of the hammered dulcimer from the front and removing the short performance from the end. All that is left is the demonstration-explanation of what I did to and with the traditional instrument to end up ioth the electric. I'll make another cutting of even this, trying to get it to the absolute minimum length possible. I am trying to serve a wide range of interests, from the "general public" who might want the whole story, to promoters or venues who just want a short demo with just the basic information. I can make seperate videos on the history, do some studio performances, and even a more detailed video describing the electric hammered dulcimer itself,, and let people watch as much or little as they choose.

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