Solstice 2009-Raising the Tree 2000

the tree 2000
Raising the Tree 2000

Special Video, 10 min 25 sec, 197.6 MB, Flash Video
duplicated on YouTube in smaller version

A special video I did mostly for friends and relatives full sized on DVD, but I’m sharing it with anyone who might enjoy it. Its the simple story of raising the tree, from dragging it through the door to xmass morning, accompanied by two songs, my latest “"Little Friend", and one of my oldest, "Simple Things". I made it just to be played in the background over the holidays, so it is very long compared to my usual videos, and is just the simple images of raising the tree, and gazing at the tree itself, and a couple songs.

The tree is a magical thing to me, a deep tradition here at the family house, with mostly hand-made ornaments, some going back to my grandmother’s childhood. This is true art, ultimate feng-shu perhaps. I look at the energy in things, what they are connected to and represent. Each ornament is connected to someone or some event. There are ones with family history, or friends. Long ago, every time we completed a show, we would make an ornament to represent it. At the very least, we would take regular glass balls and write the name of the show on them in glue and roll them in glitter. Later, as I toured, I would wander the festival grounds after the fair, and stand on the empty stages, and gather small bits of stuff off the ground, take small theme ornaments off the stages or props. All along he way I might find some small thing and drop it in tha bag. Then, when I arrived back here, I would assemble it all into an ornament for that year. Other years there might be some specific thing I found that represented some major event. And those are just my contributions.

The tree itself goes back into deep roots, echoing energies, raised on the solstice and passing on into the new year. It connects to so many places and people and times, right now, around the world, and back through times unknown. There is a place for everyone in our tree, it is the tree of life, the complex facets of humanity, gathered in this one place. Every ornament means something, connects to something, channelling the energy of something, someone, someplace, or all of these. And the tree is full of ornaments, glowing and pulsating with this rich tapestry of energies. Incredible.

And it does not last, it comes into being for this short time, like a song, and dances in our house for a few weeks, then is gone. Yet it connects, anchors us to a larger scale of time and place, as years pass, and I travel so far around the world, but have almost always returned to this spot, at the winter solstice, and the turning of the year, to dance with the Tree once again. The ornaments will go back into their boxes to await the next year, the tree becomes part of the yard, shelter for birds, mulch for the bushes. And I head on again, back to the days and moments, people and places, but the Tree is like a space out of time, a seperate reality, a magic place.

Yes, it is a simple thing, like so many things that are deep and magical, and truly beautiful.

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