So Fine : Live at The Soundry

So Fine live at the Soundry
So Fine

11-23-09 in Vienna, Virginia

5 min 15 sec, 40 MB flash video file

small-screen version available on YouTube

This is an original, and I have included the entire stage rap that I usually do along with it. I do this one a lot because it is one of the originals that has a solid alt-rock feel even solo, though it would shine with a band. But that’s what the CD is for, then I can have a band, or at least that sound. I also want to do more video for the website, keep it current, which means originals or traditionals to avoid royalty issues. Finally, with Jane and Dave gone, I both have time, and have to get out on my own, try to meet other musicians to work with. I meet a couple female vocalists and a folk band, so all told, it was a good night.

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