Little Friend: roughmix 12-01

electric hammered dulcimer in studioLittle Friend

Original, studio roughmix, 1 min 47 sec, 1.6 MB mp3 file

The new song keeps progressing, and now it is in the final stage. Unless I add a female vocalist to the mix later, this is it, all the instruments and voices are in. There is still work with panning nd EQ, as well as either rerecording the flute and dulcimer parts to get them perfect, or editing together a perfect track from the many improv takes I have down. I can improv pretty good, but not always perfectly. And because this is a new song, I haven’t had a chance to work out what I want to play, the way it settles into a groove over time. Now I have a bunch of improvs, which I can listen to and like this or that. In the long run, I would remember all those bits and incorporate them into what I play, even if that isn’t the same all the time. But this is near to what it will sound like in the end.

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