You Watching Me : Studio snapshot

Studio-SnapshotYou Watching Me Watching You
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I wrote this one July 23, 2009, and it has come a ways since that first night at the piano. Though it is complete, now, it is still evolving. Even slight changes in a single word, or even the phrasing of the words, changes the meaning. Its seems that the only way to know where a song is going is to play it, or maybe it changes as I change. Perhaps I still don’t know what I want to say. Life isn’t always clear, and especially about something that still troubles me so much, and this song is new, and born of those emotions. I don’t know what I can say, it is all still too real, and when I sing it I open floodgates of emotion and memories that are still too clear, too raw and hard to take. I still see her, looking at me as I look at her looking at me looking at her, etched upon my mind.

No, it is still more than I want to talk about. Here is the song, and it is done. I have played it at the songwriter’s circls, at that jam session, here on the piano, with the dulcimer, and as in this version, on the guitar. I’ll let it speak for itself, for now. It is late, maybe some time, after these things are farther behind me, I can try to explain them. Do they even need explaining? I don’t know. A song is about feelings, and the truth is never as simple as a song, though songs always hold truths, too clearly sometimes. I can write the song, that doesn’t mean I know the answers, or the truth. I don’t know if I ever will.

Again, it is not a finished version, just a snapshot as I start working with the gear, practicing both the songs and using the recording gear again after so many years. don’t know how it will end up on the CD, but I have a different vision of the music, of the songs. I want to show that they have a life of their own, the can change, can have moods. There is not one version of this song, or any song I do, but many, and I want to show them all, not just whatever version ends up on the CD.

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