The Electric Hammered Dulcimer Discussion


I’ve created this page for people to add their comments on electric hammered dulcimers and what I am doing here. There is an extensive electric dulcimer section in this website, where you can find more detailed information, in addition to the videos you find here in the Journal. Please look and see if what you want is already here before you ask for it! I have a page devoted to electric dulcimer building, where I’ll be happy to add information from other people experimenting along these lines.

Unfortunately, the standard comments app within wordpress is a target for spam and hacks, and I can’t be monitoring this page constantly to police and secure it, so I don;t turn on the comment function. Instead, you’ll have to email me with your comments and I’ll post them into this page and/or the electric dulcimer section of the website manually. Sorry about that, but its the only safee solution at this point. Use the “contact Brian” link at the top right of the page to reach me by email.

I am happy to answer questions by any method. I am dedicated to helping anyone and everyone. The purpose here is to try an make any information, experiences, questions and answers, or comments available to everyone, and focusing all the comments in one place, so I don’t have to answer ther same questions again and again, and to improve the content by adding information I didn’t think to include, questions I didn’t answer. Sometimes it may take a while for me to catch up to it, but I can save time by dealing with everything in one place.

I am providing this information for you, so you can help by letting me more what else you want to see here, either as video or in the text and photo format of the main site. I am planning on producing more videos focused on the dulcimer as I can, adding to this series both documenting what I have done over the past 20 years and continuing to report on progress as it happens (more or less!). What should I focus on next? Do you need more technical details on some aspect of the dulcimer? Do you want to see videos focused on my style of playing, which can be used on any type of hammered dulcimer, acoustic or electric? Do you want videos on basic construction details that apply to all hammered dulcimers, and/or my specific techniques? Should I focus on building electric dulcimers and pickups for people or focus on helping people build their own, or even find someone else to do all that for me so I can concentrate on playing and performing more?! Though I am planning on doing everything, your comments will directly effect what I do, specially what I do first, I am sure.

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