My Little Friend : Studio Snapshot

Studio snapshotMy Little Friend
Original, 3 min 54 sec, Studio Snapshot, 3,6 MB mp3 file

I wrote this song four to six years ago, when I was still taking care of my niece a lot, though it isn’t about any specific events like some songs. That is all a dream, in detail, but it is about very specific feelings. I’d gone through some very hard times, and I found it very good when I spent time with a child, living in their world, where the things I’d been through didn’t matter, were not part of that world. And for a while, I lived in my own childhood, where these images actually come from, though I saw them through a child’s eyes and imagination, not as an adult.

This version is a “studio snapshot” for want of a better term. It’s not going on the CD, though I will eventually record a version for the CD. In fact as I did this, I wondered how it would end up, on the CD, what arrangement t use. This version is just an audio snapshot in the studio, both of the song as it comes together for the first time, and as I just record something as I start working in the studio. Its been years since I really recorded anything beyond simple narration, so I am getting back into the routine of recording and mixing, remembering where all the buttons are and what they do.

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