A Gypsy Lullabye Soundtrack

Live at Lou's Ponderosa
A Gypsy Lullabye

Original, 5 min 31 sec, 5.1 MB mp3 file

This version is derived from a video of a live performance at Lou’s Ponderosa, Florida, 5/01/09. The video is also available in this journal. In th original video I made a mistake on one verse, so when I mixed the video back in the studio, I repaiered the mistake with a clip from another performance I didn’t like as much as this one. I had the idea to add a flute part to cover any roughness in the edit, but after I tried playing along with it, I decided I just wanted to try a flute part whteher it was needed or not. So the final version in the video is the original track, repaired, then with an additional flute track I recorded in the studio in Virginia.

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