VSJ 8-15-09 “Up and Rolling”

VSJ 8-15-09 Up and Rolling
VSJ 8-15-09 \"Up and Rolling\"

Video Studio Journal, 4 min 6 sec, 29.2 MB flash video

small-screen version available on YouTube

I finally have the Web Journal and web site over the top and rolling. I made this video yesterday and I upload it today, covering the last two weeks, a real-time journal. More important, I am not playing catch up, I don;t need to do the next Studio Journal for two weeks, so I can focus on what I need to do in the studio, not this window into it. Though this is important, it has been a huge job and a frustrating wait. But now I can use it as planned, both as a window on what I am doing, and to give me something to offer people as I start promoting. Whether I am contacting venues, promoters, educators, or individual people, I wanted something current to offer them, and a better experience, something they can easily pass on and share, with a format and website that should be set for a while. I hope to get feedback and keep improving that experience, for individual people around the world, or promoters and venues. This is just the beginning, but it has been a big effort to get this thing over the top and rolling. Now on to other things, this is just the pipleine, now I can return to doing what I do, and living the life of a folksinger.

I am dedicated to helping everyone, and I intended to use my gear to help other artists from the beginning. The beauty of digital media is that if it is originally recorded on high quality gear, it can generally be edited and produced on any computer, maybe more slowly (or maybe faster than my old gear!) but without loss of quality. It is a good compromise, since it is often the editing that takes the most time.

It was a good couple sessions, and they should have some great material to work with. And it motivates me to do more video myself, sometime soon.

I am still playing catch-up on the pick-up building videos, getting another one done about my initial effort to build the winding machine. It failed, and a year went by before I started on the one I have now, but a couple key parts were passed on from the first effort. Its also just the beginning of the story, and that is the place to start. Next I have to make videos of the first actual pick-ups, the ones I used last season and will be using in the studio. Then I will be current with that story, and have a complete picture of the process and results. Though I’ll keep designing, experimenting, and building, and the story will continue.

Now I can finally get to the next major project, recoding the new CDs. I expect to be busy at this for the rest of the summer. Though once I am set up and producing steadily, I’ll have to turn my mind to multitasking. I plan to use the recordings as a basis to produce more videos, about where each song I a recording at the moment came from or relates to. I’ll have to tackle the final major music project, dulcimer building, both dulcimers and new pick-ups.

But that will be another story

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