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VSJ 8-15-09 “Up and Rolling”

Sunday, August 16th, 2009

Video Studio Journal, 4 min 6 sec, 29.2 MB flash video
I finally have the Web Journal and web site over the top and rolling. I made this video yesterday and I upload it today, covering the last two weeks, a real-time journal. Things are rolling. I help out some local musicians by videoing them with my gear here at the house. I keep working on the pick-up building videos, so I can them up to date too.

“Me Watching You Watching Me” : Origins

Saturday, August 1st, 2009

Music: Origins, 5 min 45 sec, 14.1 MD flash video
The “origins” series are videos that capture me in the act of writing a new song. A huge thunderstorm knocked the power was out, so I had to stop working. I lit a candle and sat at the piano, and a new song came to me, absolutely new, still unfinished, but essentially complete.

1213 Studio Journal: Launching the Journal

Saturday, August 1st, 2009

There’s been nothing very visually interesting the last couple weeks, just endless hours at the computer getting the Web Journal up and running, formatting the videos, and finally uploading everything. I’ll not be fanatical about this as a video journal, and revert to my old text journal style this time.
But I did include a video with this journal. It is embodying the true concept of what this journal is, as a video journal, which is a pipeline for content, and creating a window on the world, where you can see the whole story behind the music. It also launches a series of videos I call the “origins” where I capture myself in the act of writing a new song, “Me Watching You Watching Me”.