VSJ 1: In the Beginning was the Video

Video Studio Journal One
In The Beginning was the Video

Video Studio Journal 7-1-2009: 5 min 4 sec, 67.7MB, flash video

small-screen version available on YouTube

June 15th to July 1st

The first video Studio Journal. I get the studio up and running, but focus on producing video first, and the website upgrade. I am here to tackle the whole pile of back-logged music projects, though the recording is the big priority, it is part of the life I want to show with the new video journals, so I need them running first. They are the pipeline for my content, so I focus on that pipeline, that window on my world I first imagined back in 2000. I need some initial content just to set up the journals, and put something real in the pipeline for folks, and I have new video from Florida and the studio drives are already filed with clips from Alaska 2007 and 2008. Though I do get the audio studio up and running to overdub a flute part onto one of the videos.

Videos Associated with this Video

Video Tour Journal 5-1-09 : Lou’s Ponderosa
Music Video: Live at Lou’s Ponderosa
A Gypsy Lullabye (with studio flute overdub)
The Water Is Wide
Music Video: Live on stage at the Tanana Valley State Fair:
2007: Beautiful To Me
2007: Dinah, Blow Your Horn
2007: Stage Talk
2008: Sound Like A Train
2008: Dinah and Mary Had a Little lamb

Video Commentary

I am just getting started, so there’s a lot of experimenting to do as I figure out the format, just like when I did the first video tour journals back in 2000. And a lot to remember in all the software and hardware involved. In fact, there may be several formats, who knows. Simple questions about whether to base the videos on an audio narration, like the tour journals, or try a more interview based format, as I’d imagined, with me in the studio talking about what is going on. How to work in audio tracks and related videos, how to make the whole experience flow over the web. But I am more interested in getting this journal flowing and current, and letting the details work out over time.

It also started from the simple need to clear space on the hard-drives for recording projects. The drives were full of video that I had loaded before I left for Florida, because finally starting to produce something from all this video I’d been gathering since 2000 was a top priority. And it still was, so I started it on it while I started figuring out what I had to do over-all. I was frustrated that after making the first video tour journals in 2000, AK2K, I had never produced anything more after that failed when the internet wasn’t ready for video yet. I also needed up to date video to use for promotion as well, and in fact much of the video on the drives was the last couple years of performances at the State Fair in Alaska. Though I have to deal with royalty issues, so I can only upload some originals and traditionals.

The biggest frustration is that progress is so slow. There are a lot of distractions still in work around the house and getting the studio running, and setting up the website to house the new video journals is turning out to be a big job. Rewriting the website is one of the jobs I am here to do, and it just makes sense to put up the videos in the format they will stay in. I work like crazy and am getting a lot done, but the videos aren’t getting on line and I’m not starting recording yet. I can only work so long into the night, and I am wearing myself thin pushing it hard as I can.

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