The Pickup Winding Machine

Pickup Winding Machine
The Pickup Winding Machine

7-15-09, 3 min 42 sec, 38.4 MB flash video

small-screen version available on YouTube

complete “pickups for the electric hammered dulcimer” series on a YouTube Playlist

A quick but detailed description of the machine I built for winding coils to make magnet-coil induction pickups for the electric hammered dulcimer, basically the same as electric guitar pickups, but much longer. I show each part, step by step, what it is for and how I did it.

This video is both for those just curious about how I did it, but it is also detailed and specific enough to be an instructional video for someone trying to build their own pickup winder. This is also just a video, and for comprehensive information and the whole story of making pickups for the hammered dulcimer, including building this machine, see the pickup page in the hammered dulcimer section of the main website

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