The Bobbins for Winding Pickup Coils

Bobbin for a Pickup Coil
Bobbins For Winding Coils

7-15-09, 2 min 3 sec, 20.4 MB flash video

small-screen version available on YouTube

complete “pickups for the electric hammered dulcimer” series on a YouTube Playlist

The coils are made by winding wire onto a bobbin mounted onto a winding machine. The bobbin controls the size and shape of the coil, but is separate from the machine, so has its own story, and video.

Bobbins are something that are in development, as I experiment with the possibilities. They can be re-usable or become a permanent part of the finished pickup. I am experimenting with different materials and configurations and processes, and I have only just begun. Again, this is just a short video, and for comprehensive information on bobbins and all aspects of designing and building pickups for the electric hammered dulcimer, refer to the Pickups section, in the hammered dulcimer section of the main website.

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