VTJ: Watershed Divide

Watershed Divide
Watershed Divide

Video Tour Journal: May 25th to June 15th, 5 min 26 sec, 77MB flash video

Crossing the Line and Leaving things Behind

This is the last Video Tour Journal of the Winter-Spring season, as I leave Florida and arrive in Virginia. My annual circuit is divided by these major jumps from one area and season to the next as I make the circuit, and it is the natural time when I reflect on what has passed and what lies ahead, as I spend the hours and days travelling. I get to work, and talk about what I plan to do in the months ahead, while my mind wrestles with what I’ve left behind. This Final Tour Journal was also intended to provide the needed background for the Studio Journals to follow, so I could focus them on the moment without trying to explain where I was at, what I was trying to do, or why.

Watershed Divide: Commentary

Technically, because of all the dynamic video scenes, this ends up as a larger file than some, a couple minutes at broadband speeds. They are presently provided as downloadable files to avoid problems with streaming at slow connection speeds, allow you to save them locally if you’d like to replay them more than once, and generally to provide the best viewing experience.

There are a lot of flashbacks to other places, but I really try to reflect what goes on in my mind in these videos, and that is the way the mind works, all too often, as the same images haunt you, especially as time passes, or certain images come to represent something larger in my life. That is the way it is, and the video reflects that. It was a chaotic time, perhaps more full of thoughts and memories than what was happening day to day, as I returned to face a lot more mundane chores and work to get the studio set up and catch up on work around the house than the scenes and experiences being on tour provide. But that is life, and this is a window on it, and I while I try to entertain, I am more concerned with being honest. Thought I won’t give you hours of video of me sleeping, though that happens too! sometimes.

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