1213 Studio Journal: The first Month

Now I’m back in Virginia. I’ve been so busy this last month trying to get set up here, but I realize that the Web Journal will only work if I keep it current because so much happens in my life. Though its not just the events, I’m trying to emphasise the significant thoughts and feelings, distil them from the flow of many experiences, even if I describe them in terms of one experience. Or sometimes it is all about a single, significant experience. This is the life of a Folksinger. I’ve been seeing that alot as I work here and get to work on the first video projects, a lot of thoughts and feelings, not much for events.

There are so many significant developments, since I am back in the studio again, and here to start the next phase of the long term plan. Though I have barely started, because it has taken this first month just to get set up. I’ve been away for months, and there was a lot to do here at the house, which is still an ongoing job, and well, weeds don’t sleep. So much was just as I left it (a mess), and I spent a couple weeks cleaning up and unpacking, getting computers up and running, fixing things that were broken. Just after I got here ma went into the hospital for a week.. in the end, though it was serious, it wasn’t from serious causes and she’s fine now, but it was a distraction. It is very frustrating as I work more than I should, too many hours, seven days a week, checking off thing after thing on my lists. Yet I seem to have a hard time getting to the biggest priorities, the music projects I am here to do.
At the same time, I am making significant progress. Even if I am working till all hours, so sleep deprived I made some silly mistakes. I titled the the set of videos from the 2008 Alaska State Fair with the wrong month, “July”, when it is in August and I KNOW that. Yet I wrote it in, stared at it on the screen as I mixed down and titled a dozen videos, and never noticed. It is almost scary to be that tired! And many things are what I need to do so I can get started on the recording.

and of course, though everything is changed, Florida and everything that happened there was only days ago, though now it is weeks, my thoughts and feelings were boiling when I got here and have only begun to calm down a little. But I work to excess and time passes, too tired to think clearly, so I don’t try, but also too tired to deal with my thoughts and feelings, which charge around inside me like wild horses. Lucky I have learned to ignore them, keep them corralled so they don’t interfere with getting the work done, but I’m not so good at it when I’m so tired. Not that I stop working, but I can usuaslly manage to stay a bit calmer, or well, face and deal with thoughts and feelings, which tend to run irrationally when out of restraint. I am the rock in the storm, but I find it irritating to be so over-emotional and have my thoughts flying about so much. It is hard to explain the difference. Perhaps it is just that when I am tired, things start to leak out around the edges, though the lid doesn’t blow off.

Though the main thrust right now is supposed to be recording and the new web presence and dulci building, which is what I need to do whether I end up back into the biz or return to my relatively quite life of small fests, tourist-town venues, and the street. There’s a lot of distractions here, chores I have to take care of, and part of what I am here for, though I have shifted away from major work on the house for a while. Like there was a leak in the roof when I got here, and can’t just let things like that slide. In the studio, after I finished getting the computers working again, just the initial web projects are taking all my time. Mixing down the video from FL for content to start putting out through this standard wordpress based journal on my host, so I can use the various subscription-apps built into it etc, as the major pipeline for introducing content, continue expanding the website model to a web-presence model that incorporates a network of inter-connected sites covering different functions of an over-all web-presence. All things I started n Florida before I got distracted by playing. Not so different from my old website. While it was the main deal, I hosted audio and video and e-commerce on other sites so I didn’t have to handle any of the server-side apps, or even keep up with the technology for it, and easily change what site or sites I work with. Also promotionally, the outside sites expose me to their general public interest, even as I send my site specific visitors to them. But there are a lot of sites, and there’s a hmm, tiered level of presence.. from my core personally maintained active presence, to passive presence, where I still upload actual content, to sites I only post links to, announcements of new content other places.

Well, I’m repeating myself I expect, hard not to do, been working on this so long. And with that, I need to get back to work!

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