VTJ 5-1-09: Lou’s Ponderosa

Video Tour Journal 5-1-09
Lou’s Ponderosa

Video Tour Journal 5-1-2009: 4 min 57 sec, 71.4MB, flash video

Pomona Park, Florida

small-screen version available on YouTube

I play a show at Lou’s Ponderosa, a private outdoor venue 45 miles south of St. Augustine. This is a dry run to re-open the place after being shut down for a while, though there’s no time for publicity and no expectation anyone will show up. But its a way to get the place opened up again, and I can shoot video I need for the new website, maybe easier than with a crowd, and which Lou can use it to promote both me next year and the place in general. Though I choose Friday as the date, though even less likely to get people in, I can still work the street in St. Augustine for the weekend. Call it a dry run, but worth doing, looking towards the future. We have a jam in the afternoon and a “show” at night, which do I use as an chance to shoot video. Then its back to St. Augustine again for the rest of the weekend.

Lou’s Ponderosa Website

Videos Associated with this Video

Music Video: Live at Lou’s Ponderosa
Introducing the Electric Hammered Dulcimer
A Gypsy Lullabye (with studio flute overdub)
A Sound Like A Train
Stage Talk
The Star Of The County Down
This Road I’m On
Think Of Me
The Water Is Wide

Video Commentary

This is the first new Video Tour Journal since the 2000 Ak2K series. Since those days, I had always tried to add commentary as I shot video so I wouldn’t have to depend upon a narration track. With this Tour Journal, I mixed both, using the video soundtrack as much as I could, then recording narration in the studio to fill out the story and bring it all together.

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