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Brian the Folksinger


Hello! It is important to understand that I am on tour all year, though I generally try to spend the summer and early Fall in Alaska before heading south to tour for the Fall, Winter, and Spring. I also often spend the period from mi-August to mid-September out in the bush on retreat, so you have to get in touch with me before I leave or don't expect to hear from me till I get back, and I usually plan on doing shows in the period between when I get back and when I have to leave. As far as the regular school season is concerned, I am usually available in September and October, and possibly in November. Though I hope to eventually extend my stay in Alaska through December. Each year is different though, depending on how the rest of my tour schedule shapes up. This page is dedicated to giving you the most accurate information I can on each year's schedule.

2009 Schedule

September 21st through October 1.

I won't know for sure till later in the year, and it is possible I may not be able to come to Alaska this summer at all, if I can't take time off from the recording project. If I make it, I'll be on a limited schedule because I'm flying up, and have to get back early to continue studio projects in the L48. However, I do have my own vehicle finally so am able to get out to schools again. But it does leave me a pretty small window this year. I can volunteer in the last week in September, and I can extend my stay into October for the Artist in the Schools program. The sooner I know, the easier it is to reschedule my flight plans.

While I have qualified for the Alaska AIS program, I am still happy to vounteer when possible, or just for transportation and a place to stay for remote locations. If I can schedule several shows in a row so I can do them all as one trip, it is a lot more affordable for me to volunteer. My philosophy remains the same, that teaching is more important than trying to make money doing it, and while my personal resources are limited, I am always willing to try and work something out to make it happen, either through official programs or through unofficial arrangements. I remain dedicated to serving the greater community, and while getting funded through AIS would certainly help my over-all budget, even allow me to afford to fly up when I'm on tour out of state just to teach. But it is certainly not nescessary.

Thank you
Brian Clauss

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